About this Festival

How much stuff do you use every day?  Every week?  How much food do you and your family eat every week?  A lot more than you realize, probably.  And how much of that stuff and food comes from a grocery store, or a mall, or even Wal-Mart?  I’m certainly guilty of shopping this way; I think most people are.  But what if you knew that you could get that same kind of “stuff” from someone who makes it, or even grows it, within a few miles of your house?  Did you know that your neighbor two doors down had honey bees?  Or the guy the next street over was a small farmer?  Did you know that the lady who runs the daycare down the street also makes braided rugs and knits beautiful sweaters? Sure, these things may cost a little bit more than the food and “stuff” at Wal-Mart, but you know where it is coming from.  Heck, you personally have met the person who made this stuff you are using.  Your money is helping support their small business and put their kid through college.  Doesn’t that make you feel good?

The idea behind LocalFest 2016 is simple: to hold an outdoor event filled with LOCAL craftsmen and vendors.  The event will be held in the field/open space next to Klem’s in Spencer, MA on August 20, 2016. Crafters, artisans, and farmers who live no more than 25 miles outside of Spencer will be invited to have booth space at the festival, to prove just how many things a regular citizen can purchase that is made or grown by his neighbors.  Only those who make or grow the products they wish to sell themselves will be accepted for booth space.  Local food vendors will be invited to vend, and local musicians invited to play throughout the course of the event.

Support local agriculture, education, craftsmanship, and just support your local community!